Students – Please go out and vote in Local Elections tomorrow!

Tomorrow, activists up and down the country will be setting their alarms for 5am to deliver ‘Good Morning’ leaflets to residents up and down the country. Many of them will continue with little rest until polling stations close; and finally at 10pm, tired and weary they will make their way to the pub. But some of you may be feeling disillusioned with our political system at the moment, and resolving to simply not vote. They’re only local elections anyway right?

STUDENTS and Local Elections

It is a known fact that a lot of students do not vote in local elections. Local politics isn’t the most exciting and interesting prospect, and in many areas they are made to feel unwelcome and not part of the community. Councillors know students are not permanent residents so give them the least attention – so why vote? I can completely understand why you wouldn’t, even if the reason is just because it is bang in the middle of essay and exam season. But before you decide there is no point in voting, ask yourself: do you not want the area where you live to give you the best student environment possible? Local issues such as safety, rented accommodation, parking, and public transport impact on you a great deal during your three years at university so why not go out and vote for the best person to manage that for you?

Remember, representing a political party or not, local election candidates have different agendas to the national candidates; and you might find that the candidate for a party you wouldn’t expect to vote for in a general election might have the right ideas for how to make your residency in your university city a whole lot better.

People died to make sure anyone irrespective of gender, race and social status has a right to vote and have a say in how the national and local community is run today. So make sure you use it!

More info can be found here:

And don’t forget all the candidates in your area will be up on your local council website.


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